Engineering Services (Pipe Stress Analysis, Skid Design & Structural Analysis) across Canada

Meena Development LTD. offers optimized pipe systems design and engineering services, including stress and surge analysis as well as pipe support packages and detailed engineering. We integrate the modern software and a wide range of services to offer an end to end solution for each project. We have a broad experience in all design aspects pipe stress analysis, skid design, structural analysis. Early incorporation of our Value Engineering team during the design phase ensures maximum effectiveness.


1. Piping Stress Analysis and piping flexibility calculations for new piping systems for code compliance issues.

2. Design, analysis and re-rating of piping systems based on ASME/ANSI B31.3, CSA Z662.

3. Fatigue Analysis to calculate the fatigue life of Piping Systems with pressure cycles, temperature cycles and start-up shut-down cycles.

4. Finite Element Analysis for Piping and Piping components.

5. Preparation of P&ID, PMS and key plan.

6. Pipe routing and layouts

7. Pipe support design

8. Piping Isometric

9. MTO

10. Piping Costing for bidding


Do you have any skid needed to be designed? We can help you.

We do lot's of 3d modeling of skid's after having process design or P&ID from our customers. It is really skillful if skid is small in size and piping, equipment & instruments are large in number. So we have to ensure sufficient walkway space for the valve operation & maintenance point of view.


We can provide structure design as per customer requirements. We will do following things:-

1. Structural engineering calculations per AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) to design, analyze and check the load carrying capacities of various structural components.

2. Structural Analysis and Design of special structures and non-pressure parts (e.g. platforms, ladders, clips and other attachments) attached to various parts of Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers.

3. Analysis & Design of Pipe-rack/Pipe Bridge, Equipment Supporting Structures, Supports for Pipes & platforms for Oil & Gas Industry.

4. Finite Element Analysis of various structural components.

5. Design of Foundations (Dynamic & Static).

6. Drawings review and detail drawings preparations.

7. Designs & calculations Review.

8. Skid stress analysis.

9. Skid piping, tubing Piping Engineer & Instrumentation.

10. Skid sizing.